Artist Bio: Wasso Kozlina IV

Bio: Wasso kozlina Iv

My name is Wasso, also known as @Mint_Beastwood on Instagram.  I love all things creative and beautiful, which is most things.  I like to create new worlds of color, pattern, and interesting lighting scenarios.  Allowing the viewer to escape their version of reality for a few minutes… or to return to a world over and over to find new mysterious nooks and hidden riddles.  

 I have been creating art since I can remember in notebooks and school papers.  I started painting at the beginning of 2019 with a few classes and workshops.  Since then I have been painting and learning as much as I can as the search for immeasurable quality is never ending.  

My inspirations are a wide range from Dr. Seuss and Dali, to Robert Venosa, Alex Grey and H.R. Giger.